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Circumventing CNS Logistics by shipping without bills

by:CNS     2021-04-06
Evasion of shipping release without bill of lading: 2016-06-29 13:08:00 Easily avoid and deal with 'release without bill of lading'. The release of goods without bill of lading mainly refers to the carrier or its agent in accordance with the bill of lading without taking back the original bill of lading The consignee or notifier mentioned above releases the goods on the basis of a copy of the bill of lading or a copy of the bill of lading plus a letter of guarantee. Therefore, foreign trade should avoid some pitfalls of delivery without bill of lading in the process of trading. How to avoid delivery without bill of lading? 1. Don't listen to foreign customers, no matter how big or small the company is, they must adhere to their own payment principles. Don’t be embarrassed to do what you think is safe with your customers because you are an old customer or a good relationship. This is to remind the foreign trade personnel who just debuted, some are eager to make orders, and some new units are eager to show their leaders. In the communication with customers, they think that customers will not deceive themselves. These are all left for delivery without orders. Hidden dangers. 2. If the customer does not agree to remittance during the stock preparation process, after the stock is ready, take a photo or give the customer a specific packing list, and then ask for the balance. 3. When contacting the freight forwarder designated by the customer for shipping matters, the following five points should be done: (1) Let the designated forwarder fax or express a copy of the business license. After seeing the copy of the business license, go to the industrial and commercial website or go to the industrial and commercial department where the freight forwarder is located through a lawyer to check whether the freight forwarder is registered. The cost of inquiries through a lawyer is not high, only about RMB200. Never save this money. (2) Sign a formal transportation contract with the designated freight forwarder. (3) After faxing the consignment form to the designated freight forwarder, ask him to stamp the official seal on the consignment form and send the original back. (4) Keep all fax communications with the freight forwarder, and copy the faxes for storage. Don't transfer the consignment form from the computer, upload it from the fax machine. (5) The value of the goods should be declared truthfully when declaring customs. Some customers will remit part of the payment to the domestic private account through the underground bank, so that the shipper will not declare the value of the goods. If there is no delivery of goods in the future, the National Maritime Court shall take the value of the declared customs declaration as the standard, not the proforma invoice with the customer. 4. After the goods are shipped, ask for the original bill of lading from the designated freight forwarder in time. If it is an entire container, ask for the original bill of lading from the shipping company. This point is very important. At the same time, timely request the original cost invoice from the designated freight forwarder. 5. After receiving the fax of the bill of lading, promptly notify the customer to remit the balance. 6. After the cargo is shipped, track the status of the cargo in time. Usually, most shipping companies can check the status of the cargo on their website. Just enter the container number or bill of lading number. Don't neglect to track the goods because of your busy work. 7. To remind the customer, if the customer does not respond to emails or faxes, you can send an official document to the designated freight forwarder in the name of your company. The content of the document warns that the designated freight forwarder cannot be used if the consignee does not have the original bill of lading. If the goods are released to the consignee, the legal liability arising therefrom shall be borne by the freight forwarder. At the same time, you can call the customer to dunning. 8. If a lot of emails and faxes are sent, and the customer has no news, send an email to tell the customer that if he does not remit the money, the return will be arranged after the goods arrive, and the customer will be blacklisted by China Customs. He will import all products from China in the future. What should I do if there has been a delivery without bill of lading? Check the cargo situation through the shipping company's website. For example, the shipping company's website shows that the container has been emptied and shipped to other destinations, which indicates that the cargo has been taken away. At this time, the original bill of lading is still in the hands of the consignor, and it is recommended to deal with it as follows: 1. Send a lawyer’s letter to the designated freight forwarder through a lawyer, stating that the goods have been taken away by the consignee, so that the forwarding forwarder will compensate the delivery within a limited time. The loss of the cargo person. 2. If the designated freight forwarder fails to make compensation within the limited time, prepare the original fax records and original cost invoices of all the original communications with the designated forwarder, find a lawyer specializing in maritime affairs, and prepare to sue the designated forwarder. 3. Tax refunds and bank interest can also be listed in the compensation.
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