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Civil aviation administration founded to promote professional aviation work leading group focus on China's industry chain development of logistics industry in the international supply chain management

by:CNS     2020-08-01
Civil aviation administration of aviation logistics industry professional created to promote the development of international supply chain management work leading group focus on China's industry chain, on April 13, zone spreading system of the State Council is in accordance with the rules to prevent and control pneumonia outbreak type work conference held abroad. China civil aviation transport department level 2 inspectors JinJun expression, for the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on further improve the ability of international air transport logistics in our country, hard smooth supply chain management decision-making and deployment, the civil aviation administration professional founded the work leading group for aviation logistics industry development, focus on China's international supply chain management in the industry of tong, shipment, price stability, the heart, the precise ShiCe. Take effective the key from six aspects: one is to reduce an international air freight logistics costs. The second is to improve the waterway freight logistics flights audit efficiency. Three is incentive cargo international airlines passenger jet application practice the whole freight logistics flights. As of April 9, has the examination and approval of a foreign airline company to apply for the 656 class passenger cargo flights on time every week, overtime flights passenger charter flights price goods total 1685 class. Four is to choose & other; The point-to-point & throughout; Carriage of goods by chartered freight logistics price, processing & other; Drugs & throughout; After suitable connectivity is not enough problems. Recently, it is suitable for postal air cargo logistics charters price near to Japan and South Korea and 80 classes, is very obvious basis to solve the early email, Courier inventory backlog problem. Five is to improve & other; Yun trade connections throughout the &; , civil aviation administration shall actively with the Ministry of Commerce to create export trade of foreign companies in the precision of supply and demand connection with air freight company system, & other; Broaden the channels to government departments, companies throughout the transition collaboration &; 。 On April 7, have will be the first to participate in the connection of supply and demand system of 25 international airlines information content feedback the Ministry of Commerce. Six is for delivery requirements with key strategic position, the civil aviation administration immediately starting major workplace air cargo security system, to enable the temporary chartered flights or price way, effectively prevent the supply chain management & other; Bolt & throughout; Risk. Described JinJun express, at present, countermeasures and won the staged achievement, foundation can consider material requirements. In the aspect of freight logistics flights on time, this week ( On April 13 - 18) Existing 98 international airlines in our country to 40 countries and 90 overseas destinations on time freight logistics flight 1690 classes, back and forth before than pneumonia outbreak ( Air spring winter season this year) By 66. 7%. Among them, the whole freight transport aircraft flight 1034 classes, 656 class passenger cargo. In the temporary air cargo flight level, in March 2020 for examination and approval of temporary cargo plan 1919 class, ratio increased by 435% over the same period last year; In April so far, a total of 655 classes of examination and approval, increased by 612% over the same period last year.
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