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Civil aviation veteran who think it is necessary to domestic airline consider CPA model

by:CNS     2020-08-01
Civil aviation veteran who think it is necessary to domestic airline consider CPA model on December 6, the civil aviation veteran zhi-yong wang on the CAAC regional aviation BBS said & other; Is thought to be 1000 aircraft is the size of the aviation industry, the shipping company has more than 1000 aircraft, if can't increase the management level and technical level. The scale is often not the economy. ” At present three air cargo group fleet size soon close to scale the bottleneck, if the pattern don't innovation, or the bigger the economy. Based on the 2019 semi-annual report data of the big three airlines, the big three airlines fleet size close to 1000. China airlines has 676 aircraft, China Eastern airlines has 719 aircraft, China southern airlines fleet size to 849. “ The development of China's civil aviation so fast. Everyone can estimate, three to five years, will be more than 1000 of the big three airlines aircraft. In close and after more than 1000, the production will be what kind of change? Is worth discussion. ” Zhi-yong wang believes that over the past few years, due to the economic development, the domestic civil aviation has made great progress. Airlines has been buying the plane, so is the capacity, the size of the shipping department expanded rapidly, network is also expanding, but the management level is more extensive. If the scale effect reached a tipping point, there is no new management and technological blessing, will fall into trap scale. “ Three Chinese navigation, this point I think it is necessary to draw lessons from the American way, at the same time, it is necessary to set up a professional CPA firm & throughout; 。 CPA is the capacity to purchase agreement, refers to the large scale network, full service airline to small airline or regional airlines, buying capacity of a business model. In fact, the CPA model in Europe and the United States has been very mature operating experience. According to zhi-yong wang, the fleet of three big companies in the United States has more than 1000 aircraft, the largest number of U. S. airlines plane to 1550, delta and united are more than 1300 aircraft. But the three air company has its own plane are no more than 1000, are one third of the plane through the CPA hire from other aircraft. Zhi-yong wang pointed out that this is because to thousand frame size points after fundamental changes have taken place in production organization way, need to put the part of the service outsourcing, pass on the cost, size is too large, otherwise the effect is not economic. Under the mode of CPA, American airline industry has developed rapidly, especially the regional aviation market. According to relevant data, number of American regional aircraft in 2018 for 2174, accounting for 55% of the world's number of regional jets, is 2 Europe. Four and five times as much as Asia. 5 times. The American airline industry has been optimized the breadth and depth of the aviation network.
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