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Claim problems about the Shanghai international shipping

by:CNS     2020-08-17
About the Shanghai international shipping claim problems of international trade and international transport of goods. International transportation is one of the important link in the process of international trade, a direct impact on trade itself, mainly used in the international air freight. But in terms of its claim procedures, and trade claim program is separate, be independent, because the signings of their legal basis is different, is independent, freight forwarders often receive when dealing with a claim to the shipper & other Consignee after receiving goods, found that the cargo damage, such goods delay reason to refuse to pay check in some or all of the payment for goods, or cancel orders & throughout; Grounds, to the freight forwarder some or all of the trading loss, this phenomenon occurs frequently, air express delivery performance is very serious in this area. This is essentially a kind of trade risks pass on, freight forwarders should require the shipper use & other; International trade law & throughout; Laws to protect its own interests. Legal even if shipper or consignee shall have the right to claim to each other about trade, but should not airfreight claim to solve as the premise to solve the problem of trade, and put forward the claim in order to the shipping agent within the scope of the requirements. Both this does not apply to the same law category, the shipper in Shanghai airlines cargo trade law provisions relating to the rights does not affect the rights, both can simultaneously, or first claim processing trade. Freight charge and claim, freight is the shipper of the goods should be paid to the carrier or the carrier agent cost, this is prior behavior and responsibility, and a claim is in the process of transport of goods, after afterwards behavior or the arrival of the goods at the destination and the right to request, the shipper will be subject to the relevant provisions of the international air transport law of reasonable protection, if the shipper fails to claim to solve on the grounds that refuse to pay freight forwarders freight is unwarranted, air transport companies should use the relevant law, the relevant phenomena to make the decision whether reparations! Shanghai air freight company | Shanghai airlines cargo international air | | Shanghai air freight company | | air express ( )
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