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Classification of storage goods handling methods

by:CNS     2021-07-17
The classification of storage items is 2021-06-20 22:41:351. Custodian storage Custodian storage is also called pure warehousing, which is a storage that is carried out in a way that the storage items remain unchanged. The depositor delivers the specific items to the custodian for safekeeping, and the original custodian returns to the depositor when it expires. Except for the natural loss and reduction in storage, the quantity, quality and number of items will not change. Custody storage is further divided into independent storage and storage of storage goods and mixed storage that mixes similar storage goods. 2. Processing warehousing Processing warehousing is a warehousing method in which the custodian performs certain processing on the stored items according to the requirements of the warehousing person during the storage period. During the period of storage, the custodian processes the appearance, shape, composition, dimensions, etc. of the storage according to the request of the client, so that the storage will undergo the changes desired by the client. 3. When the consumer-type storage custodian accepts the storage, it also accepts the ownership of the storage. The custodian has the right to exercise the ownership of the storage during the storage period. At the expiration of the storage period, the custodian shall return the substitutes of the same type, variety and quantity to the consignor for storage. Consumer warehousing is particularly suitable for long-term storage of commodities with short storage periods (such as agricultural products) and large changes in market supply (price). This kind of warehousing has certain commodity value preservation and value-added functions.
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