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Classification of transportation methods

by:CNS     2021-07-06
Classification of transportation methods 2021-06-20 12:55:571. Road transportation Road transportation refers to a transportation method that mainly uses cars or other means of transportation to carry goods on the road. Road transportation is one of the two basic transportation methods that constitute land transportation. Guangzhou Logistics Company mainly undertakes short-distance, small-batch cargo transportation, and also undertakes the advantages of long-distance and large-volume cargo transportation in areas that are difficult to reach by rail transportation and rail and water transportation Short-distance transportation that is difficult to play. Roads can not only transport goods directly in or out, but also an important means of collecting and distributing goods at stations, ports and airports. 2. Railway transportation Railway transportation is another land transportation method and one of the most important modern goods transportation methods. Railway transportation is mainly responsible for long-distance, large-volume long-distance freight. In areas where water transportation conditions are not available, almost all large-volume freight transportation is carried out by rail. Railway transportation is the main mode of transportation in the main line transportation. 3. Waterway transportation Waterway transportation refers to the use of ships and other shipping tools to carry goods on rivers, lakes, and oceans. Water transportation is mainly responsible for long-distance and large-scale long-distance transportation. Water transportation is also used as a small transportation tool in inland rivers and coastal areas. 4. Air transportation Air transportation refers to a mode of transportation that uses airplanes or other aircraft to transport goods. 5.Pipeline transportationPipeline transportation refers to a special transportation method that uses pipelines to transport gases, liquids and powdered solids. It has developed with the increase of oil and natural gas, and has become the main transportation of oil and gas on land. the way. This article is from 843 reprinted please keep
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