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Classification of warehouses according to functions and other classifications

by:CNS     2021-07-16
The classification of warehouses is based on functions and other classifications. 2021-06-20 08:15:031. Storage warehouses Storage warehouses mainly store goods to solve the imbalance between production and consumption, such as storing seasonally produced rice until the next year. . The chemical fertilizer produced all year round can only be solved by storage if it is to be supplied centrally in the spring and autumn. 2. In addition to the storage function, this kind of warehouse can also carry out circulation processing, assembly, packaging, tally and distribution. It has the characteristics of fast turnover, high value-added, and strong timeliness, thereby reducing the cost of connecting production and consumption. The cost of goods due to stagnation in the circulation process. 3. Distribution center A distribution center is a warehouse that distributes goods to the market or directly to consumers. As a distribution center, warehouses often have a large number of inventory types and a small amount of inventory. They usually carry out operations such as loading and dismantling of goods, and combination of goods, and generally also carry out distribution business. 4. Bonded warehouses (bonded goods yards) are approved by the customs, and under the supervision of the customs, are warehouses or places dedicated to storing goods entering or transiting without customs formalities. In other words, a bonded warehouse is licensed by the customs, and a warehouse F on the domestic soil that can store foreign goods for a long time. Similarly, a bonded warehouse is a place where foreign goods can be loaded and unloaded or transported and temporarily stored. 5. The export supervised warehouse is approved by the customs. Under the supervision of the customs, it is a special warehouse for storing goods that have obtained export goods licenses or approval documents in accordance with regulations, have bought out foreign exchange settlement, and have completed all export customs formalities with the customs. 6. Automated warehouse An automated warehouse refers to a warehouse that is managed and controlled by an electronic computer and does not require manual handling operations, but realizes receiving and dispatching operations. 7. Stereoscopic warehouses use high-rise shelves with boxes or pallets to store goods, and warehouses that use lane stacking cranes and other machinery to operate are called stereoscopic warehouses. 8. The virtual warehouse is built on the basis of computer and network communication technology, and the logistics facilities for storing goods and remote control are called virtual warehouses. It can realize effective scheduling and unified management of different states, space, time, and cargo owners.
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