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Classification of warehousing operations

by:CNS     2021-07-17
The classification of warehousing operations is 2021-06-20 17:50:531. General warehousing contracts The warehousing items in general warehousing contracts are definite items, and the custodian must return them as they are. For example, if the stockholder deposits 10 Haier refrigerators, the same 10 Haier refrigerators at the time of deposit are still used when they are retrieved. 2. Mixed storage contract The mixed storage contract means that the stockholder delivers a certain quality and quantity of items to the custodian for storage, and the custodian mixes the same warehousing items from different stockholders for storage. At the expiration of the storage period, the custodian only needs to return the substitutes of the same type, quality and quantity to the depositor, and the storage method of returning the originals is not required. 3.Consumer warehousing contractConsumer warehousing contract means that the stockholder not only delivers a certain quality and quantity of goods to the storage custodian for storage and storage, but also agrees with the custodian to transfer the ownership of the storage to the custodian. Upon expiration, the custodian will return the storage contract with the same type, the same quality, and the same quantity of substitutes. In addition to the agreed storage fee (generally lower), the income of consumer warehousing operators is more importantly the price difference between the consumption of warehousing and the repurchase of warehousing after maturity. 4. Warehouse lease contract A warehouse lease contract refers to a contract signed when the owner of the warehouse leases the warehouse he owns to carry out warehousing operations, and the warehouse owner keeps the goods by himself. Warehousing personnel only provide basic storage conditions and carry out general storage management, such as environmental management, safety management, etc., and do not directly manage the stored commodities. A warehouse lease contract is not a warehousing contract in a strict sense, but a property lease contract.
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