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Classification of warehousing operators

by:CNS     2021-07-16
Classification of warehousing business entities 2021-06-20 08:21:221. Self-operated warehousing Self-operated warehousing mainly includes the warehousing of production enterprises and the warehousing of circulation enterprises. Production enterprises carry out storage and storage in order to guarantee the supply of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, and the objects of storage are relatively single, in order to meet the principle of production. The self-operated warehousing of circulation enterprises is to store and keep the commodities operated by circulation enterprises, and its purpose is to support sales. Self-operated warehousing does not have operational independence, and only serves for the production of products or commodity business activities of the enterprise. Relatively speaking, the scale is small, the quantity is large, the professionalism is strong, the degree of warehousing specialization is low, and the facilities are simple. 2. Business warehousing Business warehousing is a warehousing operator who provides warehousing services to the society with his own warehousing facilities. The warehousing operator and the stockholder establish a warehousing relationship by entering into a warehousing contract, and provide warehousing services and charge storage fees in accordance with the contract. Business warehousing faces the society, and uses management as a means to maximize operating profits. Compared with self-operated warehousing, the operating efficiency of warehouses is higher. 3.Public storagePublic storage is a supporting service facility for public utilities, providing storage supporting services for stations and docks. The main purpose of its operation is to ensure the operation and transportation of goods at stations and docks. It has the nature of internal services and is in a subordinate position. . As far as stockholders are concerned, public warehousing has a business nature, but it does not operate independently and does not sign a warehousing contract separately, but lists the warehousing relationship in the operation contract and the transportation contract. 4. Strategic storage of various warehousing strategic storage of various warehousing is the state in accordance with the needs of national defense security and social stability, storage of strategic materials. Strategic storage warehousing pays special attention to the safety of the stored products, and the storage time is relatively long. The materials stored are mainly grain, oil, non-ferrous metals, etc.
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