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Commercial aviation fair trade a great victory

by:CNS     2020-08-15
Commercial aviation fair trade a great victory in Washington against Shanghai air freight company to implement tax cuts of the airbus family bringing and A320ceo series aircraft in large civil aircraft market suffered heavy losses, at the same time A320ceo exports to the United States and the united Arab emirates markets such as a huge resistance. The policy violated the U. S. will comply with the Boeing company in 2012 by subsidies case related decision commitment. In fact, last November, is also in the European Union filed a lawsuit, the world trade organization (wto) has ruled that the Washington state tax preferential policies for domestic airlines irregularity, which decided that the illegal subsidies to Boeing 777 x commercial wide-body aircraft. But in 9 ruling, the wto also ruled that the European Union in the case of charges relating to the federal government, state subsidies, NASA and the department of defense and other behavior is no longer the airbus commercial interests constitute important influence. Shanghai air freight company representative office issued a statement on the same day that sentence mean for us & other; A big victory & throughout; Because the world trade organization (wto) rejected the European Union on the United States federal and state levels subsidy project of 28 to 29 counts; And for the only one still questioned the subsidy program, said the United States ready to continue to appeal. Shanghai air freight company's chief executive, said in a statement, the decision is & other; A resounding victory for the commercial aviation fair trade & throughout; Must be clear, and to emphasize the world trade organization (wto), & other; No government and companies can escape their international responsibility & throughout; 。 Shanghai air freight company | Shanghai airlines cargo international air | | Shanghai air freight company | | air express ( )
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