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Common methods for stacking goods

by:CNS     2021-07-07
Common methods for stacking goods 2021-06-20 15:41:491. Overlapping method The overlapping method is also called the straight stacking method and the vertical stacking method. It is stacked one after another according to a single piece of goods. 2. The pinning methodThe pinning method is also called liner stacking. This method is based on the straight stacking method. The liner (such as wooden board) is sandwiched between every other layer or every two layers, and the liner is used to contain This layer of goods to enhance the stability of the cargo stack. 3. The crisscross method The crisscross method is suitable for rectangular packaged goods, and the length and width are in a certain proportion. The goods on each layer are arranged side by side, and the goods on the upper and lower floors are arranged in a crisscross pattern. That is, one layer is arranged vertically, and the upper and lower layers are arranged horizontally. The characteristic is that it is stacked into a square shape, easy to count, can make full use of space, and is strong. Each layer of goods can be placed side by side with 2~10 pieces of goods. According to whether there is a gap between the parallel goods, it can be divided into two types: staggered without gaps and staggered with gaps. 4. Press seam method Press seam method is to press the goods of the upper layer across the gap between the two goods of the lower layer, and pile them up layer by layer. It has the characteristics of stable cargo stacking, but it cannot make full use of the warehouse space. 5. Ventilation method When goods are stacked, there is a gap between any two adjacent goods for ventilation. The layer-to-layer adopts a pressure seam type or a vertical and horizontal cross type. The ventilated stacking method can be used for stacking all boxes, barrels and naked cargoes, and plays the role of ventilation and moisture prevention, moisture dissipation and heat dissipation. 6. Before stacking the goods, plant the wooden piles or iron rods on both sides of the stack, and then lay the goods between the piles. After a few layers, use iron wires to tie the opposite sides of the pillars and swing upwards. Put the goods. This method is suitable for long articles such as rods and pipes.
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