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Common types of containers is introduced don't choose the wrong! Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-19
2015 - 12 - 17 11:37:00 container transport is the main method of transport of goods, according to different goods, the container characteristics are different. The world some of the common container types mainly include: ordinary container ( 干燥的容器) Also known as dry containers, give priority to with the loading groceries, usually used for the loading groceries, medicine, textiles, handicrafts, chemical products, wujinjiaodian, electronic machinery, instruments and machine parts, etc. This kind of container to 70% of the total number of containers 80%. Frozen container ( 冷藏集装箱) Points and built-in two kinds. Temperature can be in - 28 ℃ to + adjustment between 26 ℃. Built-in container in transit can start refrigerator, keep container specified temperature; And outside housing must rely on the container car, ship and special yard, station equipped with refrigerator for cooling. The box is suitable for transportation in the summer of butter, chocolate, frozen fish, condensed milk, margarine and other items. Open top container ( 开顶集装箱) This container no roof, available from the roof above the crane loading and unloading of goods, at the time of shipment with waterproof cloth covering the top of the watertight demands and dry container. Suitable for loading volume tall objects, such as glass, etc. Framework container ( 平板货柜) No tank top and sides, its characteristic from the container for loading and unloading side. Overweight goods as the main carrying objects, but also facilitate loading of livestock, and can be exempted from the outer packing, such as steel, nude cargo. Livestock containers ( 笔容器) This box side USES the metal net, good ventilation conditions, and facilitating feeding. Shipment is designed for cattle, horses and other activities and manufacturing of special containers. Tank container ( 罐式集装箱) Also known as liquid container. For transporting food, medicine, chemicals and other liquid cargo and manufacture of special containers. Its structure is in a metal frame fixed on a tank. Ventilated container ( 通风集装箱) Layer of the tu plastic box wall vent, the lining, suitable for fresh vegetables and fruits such as afraid of hot stuffy goods. Thermal container ( 绝缘容器) Inside the suitcase is insulation, roof and can adjust the Angle into the outlet, the outside air and the wind has always been available to adjust the temperature in the cabinet, can be in a certain period of time when closed is not affected by the outside air temperature. Suitable for shipment is sensitive to temperature and humidity of the goods. Bulk cargo containers ( 散货集装箱) Have 2 - usually at the top 3 small hatch, so that the loading. Is at the bottom of the mast, can rose to 40 ° Angle, in order to discharge. This kind of box is suitable for the food, such as bulk cement. If you want to plant quarantine, but also in the steam fumigation washing in the cabinet. Bulk powder goods container and bulk bins basic same, but use of nozzle and a straw when loading and unloading. Hanging containers ( 服装衣架容器) Suitable for container shipment apparel goods. Above is some of the common container types in the world at present, the increasing as the kind of, believe in the future there will be more different features of different types of containers.
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