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Concept and function of transportation rationalization

by:CNS     2021-07-06
The concept and function of transportation rationalization 2021-06-20 21:07:061. The concept of reasonable transportation. As a whole, reasonable transportation refers to the least capacity, the fastest speed, the shortest route, the best service, and the least cost. Meet the needs of the national economy for cargo transportation. Reasonable transportation involves many factors such as the distribution, flow, flow direction, flow time, flow distance, unblocked information, and transportation organization of the goods. There are many factors influencing the rationalization of transportation, and there are generally five aspects that work: transportation distance, transportation links, transportation vehicles, transportation time, and transportation costs. 2. The role of transportation rationalization The role of transportation rationalization is mainly manifested in the following two aspects: (1) It helps to improve transportation efficiency. The rationalization of transportation can make full use of existing transportation capacity, financial and environmental resources, promote the rational division of labor in various transportation methods, and minimize social transportation labor consumption, improve transportation efficiency, and timely meet the transportation needs of balanced national economic development, and accelerate The process of social reproduction promotes the sustained, stable and coordinated development of the national economy. (2) Help reduce transportation costs. The rationalization of transportation can give full play to the efficiency of transportation tools, save transportation and labor, reduce transportation links, choose the best transportation route, reduce the number of inventory items, and reduce the total cost of transportation. Guangzhou to Neijiang Logistics can ensure the quality of transportation services. , To achieve the purpose of transportation at the fastest speed, so as to obtain the greatest social and economic benefits. 1600
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