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Concept of Air Carriage Contract

by:CNS     2021-07-08
The concept of an air transportation contract 2021-06-20 09:51:50 An air cargo transportation contract is a contract in which the air transportation carrier uses a civil aircraft to transport the goods from the point of departure to the agreed location, and the shipper or consignee pays the payment or transportation costs. . Its legal basis is the 'Contract Law of the People's Republic of ChinaThe 'China Civil Aviation Cargo Domestic Carriage Rules' recognizes that: 'Carrier' (Carrier) refers to the air carrier that accepts the air cargo transportation note filled out by the shipper or keeps the cargo record and the carrier who transports or engages in the carriage of goods or provides the transportation All air carriers for any other services. 'Agent' means any person who is authorized to represent the carrier in air cargo transportation. 'Shipper' (托运人) refers to the person who concludes a contract with the carrier for the transportation of goods and signs the air cargo bill or cargo record. 'Received goods' (Consignee) refers to the person who delivers the goods by the carrier in accordance with the name listed on the air cargo transportation bill or the cargo transportation record. 'Shipper, s Letter of lnstruction' (Shipper, s Letter of lnstruction) refers to the written document filled out by the shipper when handling the cargo consignment, and is the proof on which the air cargo transportation bill is filled out. 'Air cargo transportation bill' refers to the shipper or the shipper entrusts the carrier to fill it out, and it is the evidence of the contract between the shipper and the carrier for the carriage of goods on the carrier's route.
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