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Concept of railway logistics and logistics center

by:CNS     2021-07-04
The concept of railway logistics and logistics center 2021-06-20 19:35:47 logistics center is produced with the development of social production and the refinement of social division of labor. The national standard 'Logistics Terminology' defines a logistics center as: 'A place or organization engaged in logistics activities should basically meet the following requirements: mainly for social services; complete logistics functions; complete information network; large radiation range; few varieties and large quantities ; Strong storage throughput capacity; unified operation and management of logistics business. 'In a more general sense, a logistics center can be understood as a hub or an important position with a relatively complete logistics link, and can integrate logistics, information and control, etc. A logistics base with integrated functions. (2) The concept of the railway logistics centerThe railway logistics center is a type of logistics center. It relies on the railway freight station and focuses on the transportation of goods. It also operates the warehousing and distribution of goods, packaging, circulation processing, information services and other value-added services. And other activities. Most of the existing railway logistics centers are developed on the basis of the original railway freight stations. The railway freight stations have many years of experience in transportation and related businesses, and have their own freight network. They are oriented to a wide range of service objects and a considerable number of Customer groups, and some even form partnerships with their own customers. But generally speaking, railway freight stations only provide railway transportation and cargo temporary storage services, and their operations are relatively simple and cannot meet all the logistics needs of customers. After the railway freight station develops into a railway logistics center, it is more attractive due to the enhancement of logistics function, the broadening of customer scope, the reduction of logistics costs, the reduction of intermediate operations, the reduction of customers' circulation costs, and the convenience of customers.
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