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Conditions for a centralized strategy

by:CNS     2021-07-03
The conditions of the centralized strategy 2021-06-20 10:24:09 The key to the implementation of the centralized strategy is to select strategic objectives, focus the main force on one or several directions of the logistics business, and make breakthroughs in key points. The general principle is that companies should try their best to choose the weakest link of competitors and the least susceptible to the impact of substitutes. Whether it is a low-cost-based centralization strategy or a differentiation-based centralization strategy, the following conditions should be met. The target market is large enough and profitable, or although it is a small market, it has growth potential. Enterprises have limited resources or capabilities and are not allowed to select multiple market segments as targets. No other competitors in the selected target market segment adopt this strategy. The company has sufficient capabilities and resources to gain a firm foothold in the target market. Companies rely on their established customer goodwill and corporate services to resist competitors in the industry. Viewing the conditions of the centralized strategy can also be viewed: Waste logistics logistics planning functions
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