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Conditions for the transformation of existing railway freight yards to modern logistics centers

by:CNS     2021-07-05
Conditions for the transformation of existing railway freight yards to modern logistics centers 2021-06-20 21:21:44 The railway system currently has nearly 4,000 freight stations, which are numerous and their scale, geographical location and operations are also different. At this stage, which freight yards are suitable for the transformation to a modern logistics center is the primary issue facing us. 1. From the analysis of regional logistics needs, railway freight stations are mainly distributed throughout the country based on existing railway lines. In order to meet the needs of the logistics center with a large range of logistics, the railway freight station transformed into a modern logistics center should first It is a node hub city on a major arterial line, or a border port city with important political and military status.Secondly, the existing business of the freight station must have a strong radiation area, and the focus should be on the radiation area with a considerable number of industrial zones, high-tech The freight station in the industrial zone brings enough logistics business volume to the logistics center. 2.Analysis from the geographical location of freight stations. With the continuous development of urban economy, land resources are becoming more and more tense. This is prominently reflected in the extension of warehouses in many cities and the trend of moving freight stations out of the country. Therefore, the construction of railway logistics centers must ensure that they adapt to urban development. Demand for economic space. There are generally several or even dozens of freight stations in large hub cities. From the analysis of geographical location, it is necessary to select those freight stations in the fringe space of the city to transform into a modern logistics center, and give up the core area of u200bu200bthe city. Freight stations in the core area should consider gradually moving out or withdrawing. 3. From the analysis of the scale of the freight station, the modern logistics center should have a large logistics business volume from the business scale, with strong warehousing and handling capabilities. At present, the annual freight volume of some small railway freight stations is less than 300,000 tons, which is not suitable for modern logistics. Center transformation. A railway freight station suitable for the transformation to a modern logistics center should have complete logistics facilities and equipment, and be able to provide complete basic logistics services such as warehousing, loading and unloading, sorting, and collection. The annual freight volume is more than 1 million tons and has a certain scale. The large-scale integrated freight station.
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