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Consignment regulations for road transport

by:CNS     2021-07-15
Consignment regulations for road transportation 2021-06-20 16:00:331) The goods consigned on a waybill must be the same shipper. For the goods that are assembled and unloaded, each assembly or unloading situation should be indicated in the note column of the waybill . 2) The same waybill cannot be used for dangerous goods, general goods and goods that conflict with each other in nature. 3) The cargo that the shipper requires to load and unload by itself shall be indicated in the waybill after confirmation by the carrier. 4) The waybill should be filled in with a pen or ballpoint pen, with clear handwriting and accurate content. When changes are needed, they must be signed and stamped at the place of change. 5) The types of goods to be consigned cannot be filled in one by one in a waybill, and the 'List of Goods' should be filled in. 6) The name, nature, number of pieces, quality, volume, packaging method, etc. of the consignment should be consistent with the contents recorded on the waybill. 7) In accordance with the regulations of the relevant national departments, the shipper shall submit the permit or approval document to the carrier for the goods that need to go through the procedures of approval or approval, inspection and so on, and they shall accompany the goods. When the shipper entrusts the carrier to deliver the relevant documents to the consignee, the name of the document and the number of copies shall be indicated on the waybill. 8) Dangerous goods, valuable goods, fresh and live goods and other perishable goods, contaminated goods, currency, securities and goods prohibited or restricted by the government shall not be included in the consignment. 9) Consignment goods should be packed in the way agreed by the contracting parties. If there is no agreement on the packaging method or the agreement is not clear, a supplementary agreement can be signed; if a supplementary agreement cannot be signed, the packaging shall be carried out according to the general method; if there is no general method, it shall be carried out under the principle of sufficient to ensure the safety of transportation, handling, loading and unloading operations and the integrity of the goods. Packaging: Where special packaging standards should be implemented in accordance with the law, they should be implemented in accordance with regulations. 10) The shipper should correctly use the transportation signs and the packaging, storage and transportation pictorial signs according to the nature of the goods and transportation requirements, and in accordance with national regulations. 11) For consigning special cargo, the shipper should indicate the transportation conditions and special items in the waybill according to the following requirements: consigning goods that require refrigeration or insulation, the shipper should propose the refrigerated temperature of the goods and the temperature requirements for a certain period of time; For the consignment of fresh and live goods, the longest transportation period and instructions on management matters on the way shall be provided, and the maximum permitted transportation period of the goods shall be longer than the period that can be reached by automobile transportation; the transportation of dangerous goods shall be handled in accordance with the ``Rules for the Transportation of Automobile Dangerous Goods'' by the Ministry of Transport; Consignment of cargoes transported in containers shall be handled in accordance with the ``Container Automobile Transportation Rules'' of the Ministry of Transport; consignment of bulky goods shall provide instructions on the nature, weight, external dimensions and transportation requirements of the goods, and the consignees shall first check the goods and When the conditions of the transportation site need to be eliminated, the shipper shall be responsible or entrust the carrier to handle it, and the transportation formalities shall be handled after the transportation plan is negotiated. 12) For goods that need to be sent to escort, the shipper should indicate the name of the escort and necessary information on the waybill when handling the cargo consignment procedures. This article is from 854 reprinted please keep
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