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Container concept

by:CNS     2021-07-03
The concept of the container 2021-06-20 17:26:53 The so-called container refers to a large-scale cargo container with a certain strength, rigidity and specifications, which is exclusively used for turnover. Using containers to transfer goods can be directly loaded in the consignor’s warehouse and transported to the consignee’s warehouse for unloading. There is no need to remove the goods from the box for reloading when changing vehicles or ships in the middle. According to the type of goods loaded, there are general cargo containers, bulk containers, liquid cargo containers, refrigerated containers, etc.; according to manufacturing materials, there are wooden containers, steel containers, aluminum alloy containers, fiberglass containers, stainless steel containers, etc.; according to structure, There are folding containers, fixed containers, etc., in the fixed containers can also be divided into closed containers, open top containers, slab containers, etc.; according to the total weight, there are 30 tons of containers, 20 tons of containers, 10 tons of containers, and 5 tons of containers. Containers, 2.5-ton containers, etc.
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