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Container freight basic common sense ( 3) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-13
2018 - 07 - 14 10:34:00 eight. Container yard (ahead 铁路货运编组站) Is to point to in front of a container terminal, to accelerate the ship loading and unloading operation, the site of the temporary piled up in the container. Its role is: when the container ship to the port, according to the stowage requirements with order and plan to export containers neatly stacked, when discharging will import container temporary piled up at the front of a terminal, to speed up the handling operation of the ship. Nine. Behind the container yard ( 集装箱堆场) &heavy container or empty container delivery, warehousing and storage. Some countries to the container yard is no front yard or rear yard, collectively known as the yard. Behind the container yard is part of the container terminal. Container transportation field is present throughout the &; Handover of FCL cargo handing place ( Is actually in the middle of the container unloading area & throughout; A transition) 。 Ten. Empty container yard ( 范池) Specifically to handle the empty container collection, storage, stockpiling, or the site of the handover. It is designed for container terminal to set up or insufficient transfer station yard. This yard is not &heavy or goods delivery. It can run separately, also can by the container terminal in outside the other set. In some countries, the empty container yard management, to the chamber of shipping. 11. Transit or road station ( 内陆集装箱中转站或仓库) Port outside of the container transport hub or distribution center. Its role except for container loading and unloading operation of the ship, the rest are the same as the container terminal business. Transit or inland station measurement, including urban transit, container loading and unloading port of the inland cities and inland port inland station. Twelve. Container freight station ( The container freight station, CFS) For LCL cargo packing and unpacking of the ship, cargo handing on both sides. Carrier at a port or inland cities can entrust a container freight station operators. It on behalf of the carrier to handle the following main business: the LCL cargo tally and transition; Inspection of the goods appearance if there is a different shape, handle the notation; LCL cargo container stowage and packing; Import devanning cargo devanning and custody; Add seal and standing receipt issued on behalf of the carrier; To deal with all the documents and prepare, etc. 13. Shipper's responsibility, 托运人 ' s负债) Shipper's responsibility in the container, this responsibility is not completely the same as traditional shipping. LCL cargo is the responsibility of the shipper with the same traditional shipping. The whole case goods responsibility of the shipper is different from the traditional transportation are: should make sure that the correct and complete the freight quoted data; The carrier shall have the right to check the cargo of the contents, the expenses incurred by check, the shipper bear; Customs or other authorities for unpacking inspection, the cost and the occurrence of damage goods, shall be borne by the shipper; Such as container cargo, or pad, improper stowage, or installed is not suitable for container transport of goods, thus causing damage, cargo poor, almost by the shipper; If use the container, the shipper own unseaworthiness of damage caused by accident, the shipper shall be responsible for; In containers and equipment using the carrier or damage property or life caused by the shipper should be responsible for compensation.
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