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Container freight basic common sense ( 5) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-13
2018 - 07 - 17 12:02:00 FCL cargo ( Full container load, FCL) The relative terms LCL cargo. The consignor shall be responsible for packing, counting, stowage and seal of the freight. FCL cargo devanning, generally by the consignee to deal with. But also can entrust carrier in depot split open a case. But the carrier is not responsible for the damage, shortage in the cabinet. Unless it is the carrier of the goods proof responsibility accident damage, the carrier personnel responsible for compensation. FCL cargo carrier to box for the transfer unit. As long as the container appearance similar to when the closed box and seal integrity, the carrier is completed the carrier responsibility. FCL cargo on the bill of lading, add 'client packing, count and seal. LCL cargo ( Less than containerload, LCL) The whole case goods relative terms. To fill a whole box of goods receipts. This kind of goods, usually by the carrier, respectively, inland freight and in container freight station or standing, and then the two votes or two or more cargo in a container, also want to stand at the destination of inland container depot or devanning delivery respectively. For this kind of goods, the carrier should afford to boxing and unboxing operations, devanning fee still charge the goods. The responsibility of the carrier for LCL goods, basically the same as the traditional cargo transportation. Space ( ofslots数量) Full container ship can record the number of containers. Each full container ship, to 20 feet container capacity conversion unit to represent it. Space ( 槽) On the container yard, container corresponding scale as there are in accordance with the rules of stacked containers used to denote the lattice position. In space this number in order to shipment. ( 页面) Numeral ( 湾号) Container side-by-side in special ship stowage position. This number method, from stem to stern indicated: 01,02,03 & hellip; … 。 The line number ( 行号) Also known as the column number. Container in special columns on a ship stowage position. There are two kinds of marking methods: one is the port side to the right in accordance with the indicated: by & 01 hellip; … Another is about the middle of the case. Port to a single number, from middle to left for: 01,03,05 & hellip; … , central to the starboard side double number: 02,04,06 & hellip; … 。 The layer number ( 层数) Container in a dedicated stand volume load position on the ship. Within two points deck number method and storehouse. The serial Numbers of the deck from top to bottom in this number, and add a 'D' word in front of the Numbers. Hold number top-down in accordance with the number and add a 'H' word in front of the Numbers. The space number ( 槽位号) Container stowage position in the ship. Is composed of six Numbers, the first two Numbers is numeral, the middle two Numbers is the line number, after the two Numbers is the number of layers. Such as space 0402 d1 is said this container stowage in the fourth row of the second line to starboard deck the first layer.
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