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Container freight basic common sense ( 6) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-09
2018 - 07 - No. 18 16:02:00 space ( 槽位号) Container stowage position in the ship. Is composed of six Numbers, the first two Numbers is numeral, the middle two Numbers is the line number, after the two Numbers is the number of layers. Such as space 0402 d1 is said this container stowage in the fourth row of the second line to starboard deck the first layer. Container stowage plan ( pre - stowageplan) Container ship loading plan. Terminal which packing. Stowage plan by ocean shipping agency ( In capitalist countries by the container terminal) According to the booking list, packing and container stowage plan. Obtained the consent of the ship and the ship reached port, it is packed and ship. If it is halfway to port, the ship is equipped with a container, you should be the data cable ship loading, such as which was call back later. Container ship stowage plan is made up of the row of each column and layered transection and composition. During loading, must meet the following requirements: ( 1) Ensure the strength of the ship's profile and the stability of the ship. ( 2) Keep the ideal trim, make the ship navigation performance, with the best records that has good maneuverability and quickness. ( 3) The most reasonable use of capacity and capacity of the ship. ( 4) For container in hold intact and security on the deck. ( 5) Want to consider to facilitate loading and unloading operation. ( 6) The port of loading and unloading, must pay attention to, for the following close to the port of loading and unloading not reloaded. ( 页面) Yard receipt ( 场站收据) Carrier entrusted container terminal, transit or inland station after receiving the whole case goods or LCL cargo receipt issued by the. Yard receipt by the shipper. As a batch of goods with several containers, first by packing but acceptance, acceptance until the last container is finished, only by the administrator at ports in the yard to sign for receipt. Station after receiving the whole case goods, such as on the box looks or LCL cargo packing they have different shape, should add annotations. Yard receipt of effect, is equivalent to the traditional transport the mate's receipt. It is the evidence that shipper to the shipping company for the bill of lading. Container ( 容器) Have a certain strength, stiffness and large loading container specifications for use. Use container transport goods, can be directly on the shipper's warehouse loading and unloading, shipped to the consignee's warehouse midway replacement car, ship, the goods do not need to change from the inside out. According to the cargo of the species, a cargo container, bulk container, liquid cargo container, freezer, container, etc. ; According to the manufacturing material, wood container, steel container, aluminum alloy, glass fiber reinforced plastic containers, stainless steel containers, etc. ; According to the structure, a collapsible container, rigid container, etc. , in a rigid container also can be divided into airtight containers, open top container, flat rack containers, etc. ; According to the total points, with 30 tons of container, 20 tons container, 10 tons of container, 5 tons container, 2. 5 tons container, etc.
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