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Container freight operation process in general

by:CNS     2020-05-15
A split open a case on delivery, delivery business, goods distribution inland port station, in the main business and requirements in the cargo import shipment generally as follows: 1. To be prepared for delivery. Container freight station on before the arrival of the ship, the relevant papers and documents received from shipping company or agent, including a copy of the bill of lading, cargo manifest, packing list, cargo damage report and special cargo list, etc. In the ship into port, discharging time and yard plan is determined, freight station should contact the terminal yard, determine the time of extracting LCL container, and unpacking delivery plan, ready to devanning delivery work. 2. The delivery notice. Freight station should be according to devanning delivery plan, timely delivery date of the notice to the consignee. 3. From the container yard to receive cargo. After contact with the terminal yard, freight station can from the yard, Terminal or inland) To receive cargo containers, and equipment receipt or internal transfer formalities. 4. Devanning delivery and build down. From the take out the goods in the cabinet, generally according to the packing list order, take out the goods should be according to the ticket stockpiling. Empty containers should be back to yard as soon as possible after unpacking, and the equipment interchange receipt or internal transfer formalities. Cargo terminal on behalf of the carrier deliver the goods to the consignee. When I get the goods the consignee, should be issued by shipping company or other transportation, customs clearance issued by the operator of the bill of lading ( Delivery record) Freight station to check tickets, goods correctly, and can deliver the goods. When delivery, should with the consignee sign on the delivery record, if there are any abnormal, shall be indicated in the delivery record. 5. The relevant fee. Delivery of the goods, freight station should check whether the delivered goods during standing again in custody, handling fees, such as, should be in charge after the delivery of the goods. 6. Make delivery report and delivery report. Container freight station at the end of the delivery work, should make delivery according to the delivery of the goods situation report and delivery report, and send the shipping company or other transport operator, as they handle damages, push, etc. Second, ShuYun and inland container cargo from the ship yard delivery business after discharge to the dock yard, such as the need to continue to transport ( Are mostly combined transport of goods) , terminal yard should according to its flow, unified organization to the inland port transportation station. Because each port inland port station distance far, container cargo ShuYun mostly by rail, by train, or KuaiBanChe transport vehicle form. The containers after the goods shipped by railway private sidings, inland port station, the main business and requires: 1. Accept the relevant papers and documents, prepared to receive, unloading work. 2. The goods delivery, unloading, and the goods shipped to the yard to pile up. 3. Delivered the goods in the yard. The above business content and demands with terminal yard are basically the same. 4. To need to continue to transport the goods in a unified manner, further ShuYun work. 5. Recycling empty containers. GangKouXing inland container depot is an important part of container transportation system, the collection of hydrophobic function is to ensure that goods container transport has one of the basic conditions of economies of scale, in container multimodal transport of goods plays an important role.
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