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Container liner transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-03
Container liner transportation 2021-06-20 18:54:40 Container liner transportation refers to the form of liner transportation in which suitable boxes of groceries are loaded into containers, and the container and the goods loaded inside are used as a group of units for loading, unloading, stacking and transportation . It has many advantages over traditional general cargo liner transportation, and it is a modern liner transportation method. Container transportation is divided into FCL (FullContainerLoad, FCL) and LCL (LessthanContainerLoad, LCL). Where the loading volume reaches 75% of the volume of each container, or reaches 95% of the load volume of each container, it is a full container, which is packed by the owner or forwarder by itself and then consigned to the carrier in the unit of the container; where the volume is If the above-mentioned FCL standard is not met, it must be consigned as LCL, that is, the owner or forwarder will deliver the goods to the container freight station (CFS). After the freight station receives the goods, they will be sorted and sorted according to the nature and destination of the goods, and will go there later. The goods at the same destination are assembled into a full container before being sent.
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