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Container logistics operation of 50 common sense ( Below) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-14
2018 - 07 - 04 16:40:00 some problems needing attention of 31, subcontracting: with the owner to export or import, box, box operations as well as the quantity, weight, location, do you want to agreement, the special requirements of time, the box to the manufacturer. 32, quote customer how report: general is size tank, double back / 1 per kilometer. , 6 yuan to see whether the goods and the specific situation, it's best to ask a few more how many money to the owner, then in the quote freight forwarders. 33, write, send those problems should be paid attention to single? To write formal clear as far as possible, because some drivers don't know English letters, name of vessel, voyage, b/l number, operations, present time, the factory address, contact number, boxes, special requirements and the special requirements of manufacturer must be written clearly. Have the invoice looked up to write clear, don't let the driver to the wrong account. Also write should pay attention to the problems in the above; Such as some special strict with cabinet goods, this is a must and the driver speak understand, lest produce cost then we will be able to clear and driver. 34, operations put the export carton box to what time? At 10 o 'clock, but the more general to the office at 9 single where nobody, so send import live must to be back at about eight can, for the driver to drop box first. 35, high-speed Toll Gate weight fees & remember throughout; What do you mean? May 10, from the beginning to remember, weight fees and is in accordance with the car goods, weight and tonnage charge 36 overload? Overload of the goods before the highway charge and what's the difference? Refers to the loading of cargo tonnage of more than the weight of the vehicle, 06 year April overloaded double back all accepted the six times of the original charge. 37, have that a few operations to deal the back box? Big, big west railway station, port, China shipping, haifeng, former bay port 38, from new customers can do? From new customers can also do the price is right, but in front of the drop box must be prior to going to pay, otherwise can't drop box. 39, we check what problem should note? (1), check the date to uppercase, and the date of the three digits in front will be zero; [2] a cheque, caps, head to add RMB before write lowercase & throughout; ; (3), check purpose: save labor individual account; (4), check period for 10 days, shall not exceed the limit 50000; 5], and cheque can't fold, to be written in black or, cannot be altered. 40, the company to provide staff with how to use the cell phone? Note those problems? Companies can provide unicom card, spend $100 at the end of each month, the needs of the playing field 17911 + area code + number +, borrow anonymous phone short interest rates, especially in some special number cannot back lest produce ought not to some charges. 41, customers can avoid meet? Look at the situation, if the company a lot the customer contact again for a long time, it is a pretty good idea of what do you think he ( She) , it is best to know him, She) The telephone of home, can apply for the following with the manager, but must be in cash. 42, Ming Hong Kong China, haifeng's former bay name? New Oriental, jie feng 43, what is the difference between living and foreign trade? Live in general back box, in Qingdao foreign trade live in huangdao tank back 44, car is rather old customer response? No, the car is old, as long as you can guarantee the safety of the goods is ok. If the customer is too care about, the next best to arrange a car to assign work to him again, don't use it. 45, if a new car for the first time, and don't believe that our cooperation what do we do? We can let them come to our company to see or to their promised not to drop box will give money, general won't fall box will give money, they dare to do. 46, packing and unpacking? Packing is carrying empty containers to loading, devanning discharging is carrying goods to manufacturer. 47, what is heavy to return to? Heavy to return to refers to pull the goods to pull the goods back to 48, answering customer calls some problems that should be paid attention to: first of all should be polite to ask a hello & throughout; , mild tone to make them feel we are like to pick up their call, so the customer can willing to cooperate with us, don't let some not happy, even if you are not happy to answer his phone also want to pick up again later. 49, you are a new customer inquire in the fee is not good what did you do? Asked to do cash doesn't make out an invoice, can't do much; Can only do one vote. 50, damage case fee & throughout; To point to? Refers to the import box after unloading found case there is any breakage and produce cost
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