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Container logistics operation of 50 common sense ( C) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-13
2018 - 07 - 03 12:00:00 11, ultra-high cabinets and cabinet's the difference? Super ark than ark 20 cm high, DC” What is the box? Compound box 13, export to point to? Empty containers in the yard back to the manufacturer to 14, imports of loading? Is in the terminal 15, empty &heavy container back to factory discharge & throughout; To point to? After refers to the car to the factory for some reason cannot loading and empty containers will be back to the depot 16, inverted box? Refers to the terminal to carry the box out of the terminal to another terminal no. 17, bill of lading? Refers to the forwarder to give you back the box number ( According to the name of the vessel voyage bill of lading number back box) What is 18, equipment receipt? What kind of living need to use equipment receipt? There are want to import to handle the equipment interchange receipt, list number, seal boxes, probation and usage. The driver to live is back box equipment imports. 19, the case number? Case number refers to the number of the box, a box has a number ( Now we are back after the box with the driver teacher coming, offer customers so they used to customs declaration) 20, washing & throughout; To point to? Refers to clean and wash the cases found fee 21, seal no. ? Refer to the box door lock seal number 22, letter of guarantee? Refers to the shipping company pipe equipment control issue allows you to specify the ship, there is no agreement car number specified by the name of vessel, voyage number, bill of lading back in the box. 23 yard? Refers to the pier on the box over the box, and the driver back in depot for 24, what is the content on the bill of lading? Need original bill of lading back what box? Bill of lading content generally have vessel name, voyage, b/l number, body weight, a total of how much of the cabinet, etc. ; In the Ming Hong Kong, donggang back box; Bill of lading number beginning OOLU” Box must use OOLU” The original single suitcase. 25, invoice account? Refers to the unit, name of the invoice on the first line item or unit, etc. , be sure to inquire to the customer account, otherwise the invoice do account cost can lead to customer cannot submit an expense account. 26, invoice account wrong? Should explain yard situation immediately, requirements in the invoice. If you can't change to stamp the invoice account 27, goods under the paper mean? ' Refers to the operations of the shipping company to information about the vessel name, voyage, b/l number, have the cargo operations to the paper under the name of vessel, voyage, 28, bill of lading goods paper put box instructions how to query? Call terminal, the name of vessel, voyage, operations, the bill of lading to ask whether the cargo paper box instruction, whether back 29 cases, free car how much horsepower? Generally are: 160, 180, 210, 30, 230 horsepower liberates car to how many tons? Steyr can how many tons? 160 horsepower within 50 tons, 50 tons 180 horsepower locker, big ark 20 tons, 20 tons 210 horsepower locker ark can, 230 horsepower matter nearly 40 tons of double back starr general 46 tons of korah and double back a few more than 50 tons of korah
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