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Container logistics operation of 50 common sense ( On) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-14
2018 - 07 - 02 18:16:00 1, scheduling carry what? Customer calls and owner, send list 2, big cabinet? Locker? Double back to point to? 40× 1 ' 20× 1 ' 20× 2 ' ( Two 20 foot locker) 3, LCL, FCL refers to? (1), a box of goods a few manufacturer together, namely in several manufacturers of loading. [2] in a factory, the loading. 4, what is the length, width and height of each container? Big cabinet: 12 m, 2. 34米,2。 34 m, locker: 6 m, 2. 34米,2。 34 the m5, body weight? &heavy refers to what? The weight of the box itself, &heavy: packed goods box 6, back &heavy is what? Fall &heavy refers to what? Back &heavy: at the back yard &heavy manufacturer of discharge, fall &heavy: left &heavy back yard until the cargo in factory loaded 7, empty container? No loading box 8, back empty container? Fall to empty containers? a) Empty containers in the yard back to the factory loading, b) In the factory to finish unloading cargo terminal box. 9 what kind of box, ajar door? The door of the box is opened box 10, OT” What is the box? Referring to open top cabinet, there is no roof have a tent on the box
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