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Container overweight handling methods and the impact of the New Deal (Part 1) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-18
Container overweight handling methods and the impact of the New Deal (Part 1): 2018-07-31 14:10:00 1. The weight limit of the container itself Each container has the maximum weight limit information on the opening door, such as MAXGROSS: 30480KGS. This means that your box and the cargo cannot exceed this weight. Tare weight-20GP: 2200KGS, 40: 3.720-4200KGS, some HQ will have MAXGROSS: 32000KGS. This is the maximum strength that the container box can withstand. If the load exceeds this limit, the box may be deformed, the bottom plate will fall off, and the top beam may be bent. All losses arising from this will be borne by the shipper. At present, most professional container terminals in China have installed automatic weighbridges. Therefore, as long as the container load exceeds the weight limit of the container, the terminal will refuse to accept the container. Therefore, it is recommended that you read clearly the weight limit on the container body before packing to avoid unnecessary return and repacking operations. If the goods are indeed overweight and cannot be divided, you can choose an overweight box. The increase here is the weight selection fee. The general dock/yard stacks the ordinary dry containers of the shipping company together. If you want to choose special weighted containers (such as the 20 weighted containers mentioned above), the docks and yards must be one by one. Search, the resulting counter selection fee is generally the same price as the designated counter fee. Container transportation is a collaborative operation process involving multiple departments, so in addition to the weight limit of the container itself, there are some other factors that need to be considered. 2. Shipping company weight limit Generally, each shipping company has a different weight policy. The approximate standard is not to damage the container as the standard. Considering the balance between space and weight. Each container ship has certain space and weight restrictions, but on a specific route, space and weight are not always just balanced and used up. Contradictions often occur in North China where heavy cargo is concentrated. The weight of the ship has arrived and the space is still much smaller. In order to make up for this loss of space, shipping companies often adopt a price increase strategy, that is, add extra freight after the cargo weighs more than many tons . There are also shipping companies that do not use their own ships, but buy the space of other shipping companies for transportation, and the weight restrictions will be more stringent, because the trading of space between shipping companies is calculated according to the standard of 1TEUu003d14TONS or 16TONS , Those who exceed the weight will not be allowed on board. During the burst period, depending on the heat of the route, the shipping company will lower the weight limit of each box type accordingly. When booking, you should ask the freight forwarder about the weight limit of the shipping company when you ship the goods at the latest. If there is no confirmation and the cargo is heavy, there is a risk. After some shipping companies are overweight, they will not have any room for communication and directly let the shipper tow the cargo, leave the port, collect the cargo and then weigh it again. These costs are not easy to control.
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