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Container packing

by:CNS     2021-07-03
Container packaging 2021-06-20 21:18:56 (1) The definition of a container is a kind of transportation equipment with the above characteristics in GB/T1992---1985: (1) Durable and strong enough to be able to Repeated use; (2) Specially designed to facilitate the transportation of goods, there is no need to reload in one or more modes of transportation; (3) Equipped with convenient loading, unloading and handling devices, especially from one type of transportation When the mode is transferred to another mode of transportation; (4) It is noted that it is convenient for the cargo to be filled or unloaded during the design; (5) The internal volume is 1 cubic meter or more. General-purpose container is also defined as a rectangular box that can be used to transport and store a number of unit cargo, packaged cargo or bulk cargo. It can limit and prevent damage and cargo difference. It can be separated from the means of transportation and used as unit cargo for loading, unloading and transportation without falling over. The goods in the box. General-purpose containers can not only bear the weight of the cargo and impact external forces, but also prevent the cargo from sun and rain. Containers are different from the carriages of road and railway freight cars, and they are also different from large-scale containers that are used repeatedly. The main feature of the structure is that there are 8 corner pieces, relying on these 8 corner pieces that are simple in structure, but with very accurate structural dimensions and positioning dimensions, it can complete container loading and unloading, bolting, stacking, and supporting operations. (2) The advantages of using containers. As a kind of collective transportation packaging, containers have advantages that other packaging forms cannot match, and they have advantages that other transportation methods cannot match. They are mainly manifested in the following aspects: (1) Protect the packaged goods . Reliable protection is applied to the packaged items, especially valuable for high-end products that are expensive, fragile, and afraid of moisture. It can effectively prevent damage to goods, poor goods, and theft, ensure transportation safety, and prevent loss of production in circulation to the greatest extent The value created. (2) Save packaging materials and packaging costs. According to the surveyed country, the damage rate of fragile logistics after the use of containers has been greatly reduced. Flat glass has dropped from 8% to 1%, iron pots have dropped from 33% to 0.5%, and thermos bottles have dropped from 2.5% to zero. (3) Greatly improve labor productivity. Especially for the transportation of groceries, manual handling is replaced by mechanical handling, which provides necessary conditions for the automation of loading, unloading, transportation and management. (4) Speed u200bu200bup turnover. It speeds up the turnover of steamboats and cargo, and reduces the demand for ship docks. (5) Reduce costs. Reduce tally procedures, reduce transportation costs, and reduce total logistics costs.
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