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Container transportation operation process (below) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-17
Container transportation operation process (below): 2018-06-09 10:19:00 5. When returning the container and returning the container to the terminal, it can be returned directly to the terminal as the above-mentioned transit container, but there are some general trade goods (if the importing country Fumigation is required if China is identified as an epidemic area. If it is a non-epidemic area, quarantine is sufficient. Fumigation is required, that is, the container must be dragged to the fumigation site before returning the container, and CCIQ (China's Commodity Inspection) u0026Quarantine) go to the site to spray and disinfect (if inspection is needed, spray and disinfect after inspection), and issue a fumigation certificate. There is no need to open the cabinet door during fumigation (except for those required by commodity inspection, so it is required to lock and seal the lead and return the cabinet after the poison is dissipated). Generally, the drug starts to disperse at 6:00 every night, and the cabinet can be returned to the dock after 9:00. The cost of spraying and disinfection is about 600~~800 yuan. There are often many cars queuing at the terminal gates, so customers have to take into account the time for queuing to hand over the cabinets (in peak seasons). When there are many cars, it may take several hours. We once encountered a cabinet that went to Zhongshan to make cabinets and was released at 17:00 in the afternoon (the deferred cabinets brought by the customer can be delivered in the afternoon but must be declared). After the customs clearance at 12:00, the customer asked to come back at high speed. Arrive at the SCT terminal at 3:00. If it is normal, the cabinet can catch up, but there was a big traffic jam at the terminal, and it took more than an hour to enter the terminal. It also took nearly an hour to wait for the cabinet in the terminal until the cabinet was handed over. The gate is already 16:30 (customs can only be declared after the vehicle is out of the gate). After getting the information to the customs broker, the customs can no longer declare after work. Therefore, customers should also pay attention to the occurrence of these situations when making these cabinets in a hurry. In addition, if the pick-up and return of the cabinet are not in the same terminal, it will often happen that the cabinet cannot be delivered. Why is this? Because the cabinet of the shipping company has been used repeatedly, there will always be some old marks on the surface over time, such as old scratches, a little deformation or raw embroidery. Container shipping companies like this are recognized by the storage yard and terminal, but when the cabinet is not brought up from the terminal where the cabinet is picked up, when you want to return the cabinet to the terminal, the terminal is often prudent to reduce responsibility. They will not accept the cabinets, so the shipping company must confirm with the shipping company before receiving the cabinets. This will also cause delays in the return time. In other cases, the cabinet door is not good, the container is overweight, the shipping company seal, the seal is defective, etc., will affect the return of the cabinet. 6. The data will be submitted to the customs broker to declare the heavy containers shipped out by waterway before they can be numbered for customs declaration; those shipped out by land can be pre-declared. After the cabinet is returned to the dock. After all the customs declaration materials are handed over to the customs broker in a timely manner, the customs broker will arrange the customs declaration (including the 'gate paper' of the equipment handover form printed at the terminal after returning the container to the customs broker and the fax from Shekou). After the transfer cabinet is released, the driver's documents and other information should be returned to the towing company. The names of the customs in Guangdong Province (partial) • The names of the customs in Guangdong Province (some vehicles have a driver's certificate, but not necessarily with three comparisons) • 1. Zhuhai Baishi (three comparisons are required, for the record), Zhuhai Free Trade Zone, Zhuhai Doumen (three comparisons are required) Comparison, record) 2. Zhongshan Xiaolan, Zhongshan Shiqi (three comparisons required, record) 3. Foshan Guicheng (three comparisons required, record), Foshan car yard, Guanyao • 4. Shunde Rongqi, Shunde Leliu, Shunde Beijiao • 5. Guangzhou Luogang (three comparisons), Guangzhou Huangpu, Guangzhou Huadu, Guangzhou Conghua • 6. Dongguan Fenggang (three comparisons, IC card), Dongguan Changan (three comparisons, IC card), Dongguan Taiping, Huangcun, Dongguan, Humen, Dongguan•7. Xinhui, Jiangmen•8. Huizhou (three comparisons, IC card), Danshui (three comparisons, IC card)•9. Zhaoqing•10. Jieyang•11. Shanwei (three comparisons, For the record) • 12. Chaozhou • 13. Shantou, Chenghai, Chaoyang
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