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Cooperate with related departments, the basic construction of a batch in the face of foreign air express freight core area

by:CNS     2020-07-10
Cooperate with related departments, a batch of basic construction in the face of foreign air express freight core zone spreading system of the State Council held a press conference in Beijing at noon on April 12, and detailed introduction to improve international air transport, smooth logistics capability of supply chain management infrastructure development level of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) Ren Hong planning department, the Civil Aviation Administration of China development level 2 inspectors ZQQ, regulations and policies of the country's postal service department of Jin Jinghua attend meetings, and press conference. Jin Jinghua expression, the national postal service express company over the Internet will speed up development trend, promote international air freight logistics work ability, to promote international logistics supply chain service system. Key on multiple levels of work: one is the joint international express mail carriers with the civil aviation administration of the Internet, reasonable layout of scientific research to promote the related contents listed in the state & other 14 or 15 & throughout; The overall planning and the overall plan for on top priority. Second, mutual cooperate with related departments, driven by freight logistics dominant airport infrastructure, sound express sorting equipment, the basic construction of a number of sources around the world air express freight core area. Three is to promote the express enterprises and foreign civil aviation companies enhance collaboration, strengthen standardize docking, push technology equipment, the standardization of the job processing, information management and integration. Four is to promote and improve the existing policy environment, to improve freight logistics channel, ensure flight schedules and other resources, international transport capacity increase capital investment, improve the electronic mail, express customs clearance efficiency, deciphering the Courier company is difficult and problem in construction over the Internet.
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