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Cruise cruise international logistics bulk cargo transport process

by:CNS     2020-12-21
2016 - 06 - 14 21:30:00 bulk cargo service process all the cruise bulk cargo logistics service process, many regional, multi-level and high standards of shipping logistics, provide a full range of door to door service for you! We can provide door to door service, also can provide each business node in the process of individual service. STEP I Lu Tie sea transport factory shipment/delivery, we all can provide the best way to collection, to make land / &railway/transfer efficient combination. STEP 2 the goods after the goods to the port of collection, the specialist is responsible for unloading, collection. STEP 3 warehouse receiving port, outside the port tally, receiving service. STEP 4 port loading/discharging formalities handling ship formalities, port fees, port construction fee pay the service fees. STEP 5 insurance agent for rapid, preliminary confirmed, fast claims service, the insurer group full guarantee. STEP 6 shipping agency at port and maritime ship such as declaration, port visa in Hong Kong, by the specialist is responsible for, ensure efficiency and save time. STEP 7 in port loading/discharging process tracking cargo ship, 24 hours of the on-site supervision of loading, unloading, the quality of the goods, quantity, get security. STEP 8 cargo side and reservoir tally service management, ensure the safety of the goods. STEP 9 tie professionals for securing cargo lashing, safe and efficient. STEP 10 sea direct routes, cargo transportation, time is short, shipment density is big, fast. The advantage of our liner direct high-density Lu Tie shipment sea transport door to door service
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