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Customs clearance express business scope ( A)

by:CNS     2020-05-25
An overview, business of inbound and outbound air express is operating in a specific period of time, with fast door to door transportation carrier of inbound and outbound Courier items, goods. Import declaration shall be in the aircraft express entry and exit express within 24 hours after 4 hours before departure should be in aircraft to the customs clearance formalities. The customs shall, in accordance with the centralized management regulation, the principle of classification of customs declaration for inward and outward express consignments. Class A express refers to the customs of the current rules and regulations shall be duty-free useless documents, materials, documents and notes. Normally, operating person ( Express company) To accept the sender agent for most of the customs clearance formalities. Second, handle affairs according to the law of the People's Republic of China on the measures for the regulation of the customs for inward and outward express consignments, procedures into China first step three: express to express regulation center, operating people declare to the customs by EDI electronic message, shall declare the express the following items: ( 1) The waybill number; ( 2) Import date; ( 3) The flight number. ( 4) Declare the company; ( 5) Express company; ( 6) The recipient; ( 7) Of the goods; ( 8) The number of; ( 9) Weight; ( 10) Value; ( 11) Properties. The second step: express the actual to express regulation center, and the customs audit electronic message correctly, in accordance with the relevant provisions, the customs sent via EDI system to operate release instructions.
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