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cygnus cargo ship arrives at space station

by:CNS     2019-12-10
NASA says the unmanned Swan cargo ship with Orbit ATK carries more than 3,400 kg of food, supplies and experiments to the International Space Station.
Italian astronaut Paul nispoli and his American colleague, Randy breisnik, captured the barrel by driving the robotic arm of the space station.
NASA says the shape of the capsule is bolted to the space lab.
The freighter was launched on Sunday on the Antares rocket on volops Island, Virginia, marking the eighth supply trip to orbit ATK for less than $1.
9 billion contract with NASA.
There are scientific experiments on board to help astronauts study antimicrobial resistance in space, how plants grow in a weightless environment, and new satellite technologies.
The cargo ship will be connected to an outpost in orbit until early December, when astronauts will fill it with garbage and send it away.
Capsules are designed to burn when re-burning
Enter the Earth\'s atmosphere.
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