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cygnus cargo ship launches to international space station

by:CNS     2019-12-12
On Saturday, an unmanned Swan cargo ship was launched at the International Space Station, marking the second replenishment mission within 24 hours destined to deliver food and supplies to astronauts living in space.
An Antares rocket operated by Northrop Grumman illuminated the night sky at 4: 01 a. m (0901 GMT)
It will carry 3,350 kilograms of gear into space.
On Friday, the Russian Soyuz rocket launched its first cargo mission to the space station since last month\'s failed Soyuz rocket.
On December 3, the Progress cargo ship was successfully launched and was regarded as a rehearsal for the next manned mission.
The flight will carry Russian astronaut Oleg Kononenko, Canadian astronaut David St.
Jacques and Anne McLean go to the International Space Station
Since the retirement of the US space shuttle program in 2011, Russia has been the only country capable of sending people into space.
On October 11, Russian astronaut Aleksey Ovchinin and American astronaut Nick Hague made an emergency landing and escaped unscathed.
This is the first such incident in post-history.
Soviet space travel
NASA said the Russian cargo ship was scheduled to stop at the space station on Sunday, followed by the Swan seat.
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