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Dangerous goods in air express and some gas, flammable and combustible solids are not sent

by:CNS     2020-07-27
Air express dangerous goods, such as fireworks, detonating tube guidance system, etc. Air express - Gas, such as to reduce the gas, liquid nitrogen, fire extinguishers, air storage tank, No drainage equipment, can not to pump up again) , survival equipment ( Can automatic peng up) And so on. Air express - Combustible materials, such as paint, motor gasoline, alcohol, car engine oil, camphor oil, diesel engine starting, banana oil, day take water, super glue, weak perfume, etc. Air express - Combustible solid: chemical, fire under water after the release of combustible gas chemicals, such as activated carbon, titanium powder, coconut, vulcanized rubber crumbs, safety matches (CHC Box brush or pieces of brush) , dry mania of white phosphorus, dry mania of yellow phosphorus, magnesium powder, etc. Air express - Reducing agent and organic peroxides, such as potassium permanganate solution; Side effects and infectious objects, such as chemical fertilizers, lithium electricity, tear gas, etc. ; Radioactive elements and corrosion products: such as battery, rechargeable battery liquid alkali. Air express - Don't add to CiFangHu packaging magnets, magnetic tile and other products containing strong magnet; All drugs. Other airlines contraband, such as: powder objects, liquid, outer-package of the danger signs of the goods, in the absence of audio and video publishing house confirmed audio and video data ( Including CD, VCD) , nc blades, durian, with pressure lighters, involves & other; Weapons and equipment & throughout; And & other Guns & throughout; Definition of all goods ( Containing small toys) And so on.
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