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Dangerous goods LCL matters needing attention

by:CNS     2020-05-06
1. Shipper shall be provided with the consignment note of in both Chinese and English manual 'dangerous goods' or 'dangerous goods certificate of technology is the number of copies, in the name, alias, molecular formula, performance, transport considerations, emergency rescue, fire fighting method, etc, used for port, ship loading and unloading, and transportation of dangerous goods. 2. Shipper must be submitted at the same time by the harbour superintendency administration approval of the 'declaration of packing of dangerous goods safety transportable' ( Hereinafter referred to as: cargo declaration) , shipping agency after the fitting with this declaration, Cargo declaration) To the harbour superintendency administration for 'vessels carrying dangerous goods declaration form' ( Hereinafter referred to as: cargo declaration) , the harbour superintendency administration must receive approval by the department of port ship to declare before allowing ships carrying dangerous goods. 3. Shipper shall be submitted to the import and export commodity inspection bureau issued in accordance with the requirements of the international maritime dangerous gauge for the test result is qualified 'certificate of dangerous goods packaging containers'. The certificate is required by the port administration audit stamp before is valid, port loading and unloading areas by the port authority audit approval certificate after the seal of dangerous goods into the port and the customs check goods rear can shipment. The harbour superintendency administration also to deal with item 2 of the goods to declare on the packing certificate. 4. After the container loading of dangerous goods, also need to drawn up in both Chinese and English of 'container shipment of dangerous goods packing certificate' the number of copies, distribution area, the ship, the ship agent and the harbour superintendency administration. 5. Dangerous goods packaging surface must be posted 'international maritime dangerous rules' regulation of dangerous mark and tag, specific logo or tag design need to refer to the list of dangerous gauge; Unitized packaging or container shipment of dangerous goods, in addition to the hazardous goods in the post signs and tags, around the group packaging or containers outside still need to post on the content and the contents of the same signs and marks of dangerous goods. 6. Exports to the United States or to the transport of dangerous goods in the United States, the shipper should provide English 'dangerous goods safety information card ( Hereinafter referred to as MSDS) In duplicate, provided by the ship agent to the carrier U. S. ports for the record. Dangerous goods safety data card need to fill out: situation, harm, composition, physical properties, fire and explosion, health hazard data, reactivity, seep process, special protective measures, such as special prevention methods nine content. 7. Tank container bulk shipment of dangerous goods, must also provide a tank container inspection certificate of quality. 8. For the shipment of dangerous goods or transport of dangerous goods in Hong Kong, should be added to a 'international maritime dangerous gauge' recommended 'dangerous goods declaration'.
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