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Deal with less-than-one carload transport conditions

by:CNS     2020-05-28
All is not enough goods vehicle transport conditions, according to LCL shipment. Breakbulk cargo a volume should not be less than 0. 02 cubic meters. But a weight for more than 10 kg, is not restricted by the smallest volume. Breakbulk cargo quantity of each batch shall not exceed 300. The following goods shall not be by LCL shipment: 1. Need to be refrigerated heat transport of goods; 2. Regulations limit the goods shall be dealt with in accordance with the vehicle ( Loading railway unless the approval of the safe use of explosives during the transport) ; 3. Easy to contaminate other goods the filth of the product ( After sanitization except the filth from other goods) ; 4. The bee; 5. Is not easy to calculate number of the goods; 6. Live animals not loading container, Except of railway administration at 04:38 less-than-one carload transport way to allow) ; 7. A weight more than 2 tons, more than 3 cubic meters volume or length of more than 9 m cargo ( Hair satation think does not affect transit or unloading operators except) 。 Breakbulk cargo usually workplaces in public organizations, private sidings, the special railway organization direct bulk LCL, must negotiate with railway sub-administration and transport agreement shall apply. ( 2) Personal check in personal check items according to the provisions of the personal belongings of transportation. Personal check items prohibited with gold and silver jewelry, calligraphy and painting of cultural relics and valuables, negotiable securities and certificates of currency and dangerous goods. Personal check items in addition to scribble in accordance with the provisions, hua hang freight label, the same as the freight label tag, also should be packed with consistent with cargo waybill record is put inside a station, the consignee name address note. ( 3) Less-than-one carload freight label, mark less-than-one carload freight label should use tough materials, freight label content and specifications must conform to the railway unified format. Each package use 2 freight label, paste, nailed to the ends of the packaging. Not paste or nailed bolt hanging method can be used. In order to ensure the goods transportation safety, according to the properties of the goods, the goods should have different requirement of schemata logo, logo graphic must comply with the national standard & ndash; — Packaging freight graphic symbol 'regulation. Dangerous breakbulk cargo must also use the dangerous goods packaging symbol. The goods of the original has nothing to do with this lot of goods on a garage to sign the old logo, the shipper must remove or erase it.
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