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Definition of transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-06
The definition of transportation 2021-06-20 10:58:25 Among all the functions of logistics, transportation is one of the most basic functions and the core of logistics. Transportation has social and economic functions such as expanding the market, stabilizing prices, promoting social division of labor, and expanding the scope of circulation. Transportation is the continuation of production in circulation, an important part of the national economy, and a strong pillar of the production and circulation sector in the development of the national economy. It plays an important role in the national economy. (This article is originally from Guangzhou to Wuzhou Logistics, and edited from Guangzhou to Beihai Logistics) Transportation refers to the movement of people or things in space by means of transportation. The so-called transportation capacity is a system that is composed of transportation facilities, routes, equipment, tools and manpower, and has the ability to engage in transportation activities. Human transportation is called passenger transportation, and cargo transportation is called freight. The definition of transportation in the national standard of China's 'Logistics Terminology' is: 'The use of equipment and tools to transport goods from one location to another location. A series of operations such as transfer, loading, unloading, and dispersion.
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