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Direct to chengdu Athena routes open to 2020 years

by:CNS     2020-07-31
Direct flight to chengdu to Athena routes opened 2020 years starting from chengdu, need not change, only need 10 hours to Greece's southeastern Europe. At present, chengdu is actively promote flights to chengdu direct flight to Athens, and try to open within the next year. At present, China's mainland only Beijing routes opened a direct flight to Greece, chengdu is expected to become the direct Greece's second city in mainland China. Air cargo Greece consulate general in chengdu settle to within the next year gap between direct air bridge in Athens on Nov. 11, the bush published jointly by the joint statement on strengthening comprehensive strategic partnership, points out that China agreed to set up a consulate in chengdu, the two sides encourage and support the central air transport enterprise to further open. The flight between routes. When to set up direct air bridge between chengdu and Greece. Nature is becoming a hot spot of social attention. Direct flight to Athens in chengdu, chengdu became the second direct Greek cities in mainland China, will enhance between the central and western regions in China and Greece, ease of driving between closer economic and trade cooperation, cultural exchanges, etc. Economic and trade cooperation and active base in chengdu have a direct flight to Athens flights are expected to class three a week all direct flights from chengdu to Athens by Chinese and Greece attaches great importance to, and have made efforts to open the route as soon as possible. Chengdu economic and trade cooperation between Greece and very active. According to the latest publicly available data, as of November 2018, imports and exports totaled 1 of chengdu and Greece. 300 million yuan, rose 30. 7%. As the capital of Greece, Athens successively in 1896 and 2004, held the first summer Olympic Games and the 28th summer Olympic Games. Athens is home to the European philosophy, had a significant impact on the European and world culture, the birth of Socrates, Plato, a large number of historical figures. A direct flight to Athens routes opened in chengdu, let the international gateway hub of west China is closely combined with the capital and largest city of Greece, its significance is self-evident. In fact, as early as a few months ago, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the certificates issued by the international routes. Hna group in April this year to get a direct flight from chengdu to Athens service licence. Flight schedule is two classes a week. Yesterday learned from hainan airlines, hna is not be included in the winter and route planning, which means that hainan airlines to open until the end of march next year. The personage inside course of study says, the new opening an international routes will be involving many factors. Through multiple links and obtain a business license just opening new routes to a link, finally the route on who has yet to be announced, & other; But from hna to apply for the course, we can see sailing companies the opportunity recognition and market demand. ”
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