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Disadvantages of shipping

by:CNS     2021-07-12
Disadvantages of maritime transport 2021-06-20 15:18:06 (1) Due to climatic conditions and commercial ports, larger cargo ships sail at sea, and need to avoid storms in time; in case of heavy fog, they need to follow the collision avoidance regulations to prevent damage , These are all climate restrictions on shipping. When cargo ships arrive at commercial ports, the port and operations of cargo ships will be restricted due to the depth of the harbor or the conditions of hardware facilities such as loading and unloading equipment. (2) 'Door-to-door' cannot be realized directly. Due to the limitations of waterways and ports, the accessibility and flexibility of maritime transportation are not high, and the cooperation of ground transportation systems is often required to complete the entire process of cargo transportation, that is, it cannot be directly realized. Door-to-door' transportation service. (3) The speed is low. Because large ships are large in size and the flow resistance of the route is high, the speed is generally low, and the timeliness of freight is low. (4) Large business risks. Ocean shipping operations, due to its international nature, are easily affected by international politics, economy (laws and foreign exchange), and are more difficult and risky than other modes of transportation. (5) Huge investment and long payback periods Companies (or shipping companies) need huge amounts of funds to order or purchase ships. Ships are their fixed assets and have a long depreciation period (usually 20 years). (6) The competition is fierce because of the internationalization of maritime operations and the serious tonnage of commercial ships in the world. Excess, fierce competition among the same industry. At the same time, it also needs to face competition from other modes of transportation. (7) Unstable income The shipping market, like economic changes, has its cyclical cycle, which has a great impact on the level of freight. (8) ) The shipping space cannot be used to store the shipping services of shipping companies, and it cannot be like general companies that can reduce or increase production at will, that is, the cargo space cannot be stored in the shipping of cargo by sea. (9) Many international laws and ocean shipping operations are global business activities, and it is necessary to comply with the shipping regulations of various countries. , And must be bound by international conventions and international conventions. 1271
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