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Division of main business functions of railway logistics center

by:CNS     2021-07-05
The main business functions of the railway logistics center are divided into warehousing, transit and distribution, circulation processing, and integrated logistics centers according to the key business functions undertaken by the railway modern logistics center 2021-06-20 18:36:42. The business volume of a certain function accounts for more than 40% of the total business volume of the logistics center or the function of a certain business income accounting for more than 50% of the total income of the logistics center is the main function of the logistics center, and the main function is the survival of the railway logistics center in the market. The dominant function. (1) Warehousing-type railway modern logistics centers. Traditional railway freight stations generally have several freight yards of varying sizes, which have good conditions for the development of warehousing business. The business focus of warehousing-type railway modern logistics centers is mainly on raw materials, parts, and components. Provide storage and custody services for finished products and semi-finished products, and develop other forms of logistics services based on this. This kind of railway logistics center generally lasts relatively long time for goods, which requires a strong cargo storage capacity. (2) Transit and distributive railway modern logistics centers. Traditional railway freight yards and other nodes are usually located in important transportation hubs or throat areas. Therefore, railway modern logistics centers developed on this basis have good transportation location conditions and are usually in important cargo areas. The junction of the transit zone and multiple modes of transportation is a natural transit and distribution center. Therefore, the business focus of the transit-distributing railway modern logistics center is mainly to realize the transit and distribution functions of goods, including both the transit and distribution between the same modes of transportation, as well as The transfer and distribution of multimodal transportation between different modes of transportation. Goods stay in this kind of logistics center for a short time, requiring the logistics center to have relatively strong loading, unloading, handling, storage and information processing functions. (3) Circulation processing type railway modern logistics center Circulation processing has become an important content of modern logistics services, and it is also an important value-added service and a new source of profit for logistics enterprises. The business focus of the circulation processing type railway modern logistics center lies in the same manufacturer, Distributors jointly complete part of the circulation processing operations of the goods. Such modern railway logistics centers must have powerful functions such as circulation processing and packaging. (4) Comprehensive railway modern logistics centerThe comprehensive railway modern logistics center is generally large in scale, and it concentrates a number of important logistics service functions and can complete a variety of operations for goods. Such railway logistics centers are generally located in the railway logistics network. At a higher level, there are higher requirements for facilities, information systems, and talents.
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