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Do need to prepare all the tools of foreign trade ( Below) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-24
2018 - 06 - 14 14:58:00 eight product of video images such as South Korea's hyundai headquarters in use for the background image; Powerful video, can impress clients, and can effectively explain their products quality information must be ready to leave, take out decisively in the negotiation, a fatal blow! Many people afraid of take out, the counterpart will be copied, image watermarking, video watermarking'll well; Chinese follow suit, but there is a psychological, is other people have done a lot of people bother to do, only several peer learning, on the one hand, the Chinese smugness, despise; On the other hand, if not very sure of their products or to lose, who dare? 9 save media feedback if you have related media, industry websites, and even big clients written feedback, be sure to scan keep; If your company's products are very popular in foreign, and does not affect the premise of the customer's business, can do some hype? For example, the press, and so on, all for the original! 10 samples samples to him as a marketing tool for development; For example, when a company needs to confirm my products, and the dosage, work with their Chinese counterparts, offered to send the sample to test for each other, bear all the expenses, 3000500, and not many, investment promotion is not just the number; Also, if some negotiations are deadlocked, has won't open situation, offered the sample problem, from a new Angle list of talks back on track. 11 separate mention GOOGLE this tool, do the foreign trade with good, get twice the result with half the effort, such as the search customer, customer information query, customer analysis, all need to use this tool, GOOGLE adwords, trends tool, language tool, has studied? 12 fellow colleague's information, also is your tool, how to say don't listen to the boss, the boss won't tell you how low price, he will say that the family business is pretty good, the price is so high, how can we do? To set, how to set, the heart to the world! 13 in the sales skills and tools, especially when negotiations, these tools will play a major role, said commission method, for example, in desperate epigenetic, dry sales, these are, and know the sales techniques work well. 14 psychology is used to judge each other psychological change, speculated that the other person's feelings, thoughts, tell each other speak is true, is also a tool, but these are long-term exercise to use freely.
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