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Do need to prepare all the tools of foreign trade On CNS logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-24
Basic tools also is the foundation of the preparation work, such as chat, exchange rate query tools, few people don't have to. 2 over the wall software used on Google (Google servers are not in the mainland, and many times to open it); On facebook, twitter, spying on military intelligence; Send spy email, show the information. Recommend fulcrum for cooperation customers build a number of users to share more enterprise VPN account over the wall, a second open foreign websites, easy access to Google, Facebook, YouTube, MB bandwidth, its unlimited bandwidth, high speed worry; Free recommend free door, webfree, sometimes can be used, sometimes can't use. 3 translation tools can't wait to use the time to download, national moment tool, exchange rate query tools and so on. 4 desktop mail client like outlook, foxmail, set up the letter to remind, let the first time you see email from customer. 5 mobile phone software whatsapp, the world's version of WeChat, WeChat is the copy of the software, did not need to explain more; Viber, free SMS, free talk, use greatly; Mobile email clients, let you miss the email of the customer anytime and anywhere; facebooknow ( Facebook soon, android) Let you anytime and anywhere on facebook; Kakaotalk, development of Korean customer is special, the south Korean mobile phone factory bring their own software, the vast majority of koreans in the use of mobile communications software. Worked with the customer information (before 6 If we can get) , b/l copy ( Of course to remove sensitive information) , the goods to the port inspection result sheet made by the customer ( Of course must be of good quality and qualified this) , a variety of certification, various scanning version of qualifications, such as business license, etc. , sometimes the client will put forward to, if you can give him immediately, add a lot of impression branch. 7 customer case classic, big customer related images, image data; For example the famous customers to factory inspection project videos, by the customer's permission, can be used as a marketing tool; Visit customers factory or company to take a lot of people fear of leaked information, actually don't need to fear, big customers, purchasing manager of contact, won't make you easy to know, even if know, is not so good to dig, too much way way inside.
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