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Do the forwarder how to control and avoid bad debts?

by:CNS     2020-04-24
Do forwarding the most afraid of bad debts, bad one vote, at least 20 white do, so a lot of situations are prefer not to do, also don't pick up the goods. Generally for straight guest, it must pay for the first time ( Of course the south market is paying for it is another matter) 。 Long sail international logistics listed below to control the article 10 note criteria of bad loans, for your reference: 1, go/fresh frozen ark, must pay, because this kind of goods easily broken, once out of the question is worthless, straight guest is likely to goods do not, you have no chance to even the auction. 2, imitation goods, also have to pay for such goods are usually easily in the port of shipment, the port of destination customs problems, the risk is too big, people can't find then. 3, guest asks you to buy a customs declaration is, don't need to own the verification sheet, also must pay, or you doesn't even have card things. 4, guests provide sheet of cancel after verification, the three of you must know whether there is a trade, or is a guest to buy sheet of cancel after verification, if the verification on the rise of obvious discrepancy and its delivery person, must be very careful. You can check the guest's company information to the net, to reconfirm. 5, and above all no problem, if the sea freight is very high, is greater than his tax refund amount is likely, also must be careful, this easily from the calculation on the invoice, some guests will depend on the freight. 6, some guests cargo is very stable, suddenly without warning cases out of the big goods, also must be careful, met the guests suddenly bankruptcy and transform looked up and freight. 7, import export large quantities of junk, have to be careful, this kind of cargo value is low, go ocean, the forwarder is too risky. 8, some colleagues suddenly from you set a large cargo, there also must be careful, he sold to others, and low price for the freight, walk away, happened recently in Shanghai. 9, air cargo more carefully, the price is big, not even the bill of lading card, if have no experience, don't touch the big goods, eating X need to be careful, don't in the connecting point to grasp and fines. 10, dangerous goods, all documents must be complete, including the official seal, MSDS, all documents must be signed when, don't deliberately to hide shipping company or airline, something was wrong, the guests a cutting, the trouble is you.
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