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Do you know British shipping limited weight?

by:CNS     2020-05-07
Through shipping knows that in the United States, the United States Marine container co. , LTD. Heavy regulation, so whether the British shipping co. , LTD. Heavy regulation? General weight have so several ways, one is the container itself weight, 2 it is shipping company limited heavy, three port area is restricted, four is the feeder vessel of form a complete set or road weight, five routes is restricted. 1, the container itself weight out of the door of each container has the most heavy end of information, such as MAXGROSS: 30480 KGS. It means that your box box with goods can't more than the weight. Tare weight - - - - - - - 20 gp: is 2200 KGS, 40:3. 720 - Individual some HQ will have MAXGROSS: 4200 KGS, 32000 KGS. There are two common container size: 20 feet and 40 feet, the volume of 20 feet for 33 cubic meters, weight 21 tons; 40 feet a volume of 67 cubic meters, the weight of 26 tons. 2, different ship company limited the company's rules, 18 t - general The appearance of 21 tons. When booking, at the latest shipment will ask forwarder about the shipping company restricted problem again. If not confirm the goods is heavy cargo has risk, and after some ship companies are overweight, there would be no room for communication, direct the cargo consignor to drag, clearance, tao and weigh again. These fees are bad control. 3, port limit heavy Chinese exports, terminal weight is gross weight 30. 5 ton, that is to say, 20 gp or 40 gp add weight of the goods itself cannot exceed 30. 5TON。 Britain's weight is not bad, 20 'container and 40 feet container weight are the same, basically all is gross weight 22 ~ 23 tons of no problem. Need you to determine what to port and dock, slightly difference. If do export, please be sure to pay attention to this. 4, and line weight to the container cargo net weight of Europe generally no more than 18 tons, does not contain heavy box. Overweight processing methods: the main points and the port is overweight, overweight, the port of destination ship company are overweight. Overweight: 1, the ship company to discuss with shipowners, paying the charges for overweight, other normally go. 2, port area have their own rules of overweight: if in port, it found that overweight, and representations in the port, paying the charges for overweight and artificial fees or sorting reshipment. 3, the port of destination is overweight: general port of destination within a certain range after being overweight, pay fines can be solved. If overweight, along the crane will be able to load only in the nearby port of discharge or the original back.
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