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Do you know of any seafood flown all need those steps?

by:CNS     2020-08-03
Do you know of any seafood flown all need those steps? A, I can show for Marine products for the customer the independent packing of the goods, foam insulation box + + bags for a set of packaging, paper box after the incubator of Marine products into the bubble sealing, then fruit set into the paper box sealing bags, packaging; If the Marine products must make oxygen, proposed the foam insulation box with tape sealing. 2, for fresh Marine products, especially in freshwater fish, sea urchin, crab, shellfish dead Marine products, such as commodity itself characteristic to carry out the packaging to fusion, such as freshwater fish to adopt special bag to carry out the packaging are inseparable, crab, sea urchin place to neat puts every shift to avoid to pay more attention to foam insulation box crab legs through these packing, sum up fresh Marine products in improving various supplementary way, after must pass of packaging, or inadequate. Three, air express, Marine products, in accordance with the change of season, the length of the journey and its own expenses budget put ice or choose water, add oxygen, to ensure that the master measured, and don't have to damage due to how many quantity, for the matter of Shanghai presented the full range of services and efficient transport solutions and processing to transport your concerns. Four, in front of the other party received goods, Marine products also have various stages risk, critical reflection for handling and time phase. Handling stage risk is bigger, because the packaging is not strong or not smooth handling Labour workers, are making packaging cracks, leakage and damage, so a sealed strong packing is important; Time phase key is refers to from the end of the packaging to the other party received the goods this time, but this time is far above air express time of arrival, so want to consider the matter in time, to choose Marine products survival strategy.
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