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Do you know what is the cause of the steady development of air transportation industry?

by:CNS     2020-08-18
Do you know what is the cause of the steady development of air transportation industry? Now the popularity of logistics enterprises, causing a lot of new industries, also contribute to the development trend of manufacturing industry, know the airlines is only before shipment or other level, very few think of professional freight logistics, then you know what is the cause of the steady development of air transportation industry? A fast, fast freight cargo in transit time is short, also reduce risk of goods in transit, so a lot of personal items, instruments and meters are usually adopt the way of air freight. Now foreign market competition is intense, the balance of supply and demand by air cargo services has prompted supplier can quickly changeable market to international market to respond immediately, the rapid release of preemption market marketable goods, obtain good economic benefits. Second, the standard is not the road hazards, air cargo in inland region, the application of heaven a safe passage, of course, was not influenced by natural geographical standard limit. Pavement standards about extreme fit, the traffic isn't convenient inland areas are beneficial to the local resources of inward and outward, promote local economic development. Air cargo to local and international, a wide scope of opening to the outside world of radiation, and air freight more road freight and railway freight transportation occupies less farmland, on the land areas; the narrow areas open to the public transportation there is no doubt that it is very suitable for. Three, safe, accurate and other safety coefficient is higher than air freight cargo way, in 1997, the international international airlines executive flight 1800 vehicles, only 11 have a major accident, risk is about one over three million. International air freight forwarding management scheme is relatively perfect, the damage to the goods rate is low, if use the way of airmail shipping container shipping goods, is more security. Four, save the packing, is in order, such as loan interest cost because the air freight, goods in transit time is short, fast turnover of funds, the company can relatively cut inventory goods. On the one hand, good assets, cut interest expense, on the other hand the company of logistics cost can also be reduced. Because airlines goods shipping safety, accuracy, damage, cargo poor, less appropriate cost is low. Compared with other cargo shipping, air cargo simple packaging, the packaging cost cuts. The hidden costs of company is reduced, and profit.
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