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Do you know what is the process of air express?

by:CNS     2020-08-18
Do you know what is the process of air express? Customers in advance when the electricity company, after the phone company staff in advance, bulk goods in advance booking is necessary, bulk booking can be pressed to pay back to the necessary cash, pay per kilogram of heavy star weighing, reasonable price, good service attitude, safe, convenient, on time. Consultation in advance, to know the air dynamic information, presence of flights, the goods can't air transport, goods packaging, product standards and weight and mailing costs. Air express transportation process, the total work center on duty to check goods, admitted that the corresponding total shipments with the outer packing number at the airport. Acting booking space and aviation goods to aviation acting. Aviation administration manage booking information from express enterprise, limitation according to delivery requirements, corresponding to the airline booking shipping space. Airlines group of tank, air acting on the corresponding pay the airport 3 hours before departure master list, corresponding to two hours before departure time after security checks, air cargo stowage. Aviation acting company, after the goods arrived in the flight number, bill of lading number, the flight time, the information such as airport pick-up tell to the consignee, the recipient to rely on the original extract the goods at the airport, not to mention delivery is you do at home waiting for the receipt. Air express mail valuable piece of products, such as precision instruments, household appliances, handicrafts, jewelry, and unearthed relics. In the process of air mail or aviation logistics, they need special treatment. Under normal circumstances, do not recommend you to send by Courier super precious, but when did demand, it is necessary for us according to the process differences and packaging. Then, define the definition of the valuables and the delivery of the valuables to expression aviation logistics demand attention. Shanghai airlines freight company ( Kbans) , LTD is a professional engaged in international logistics airfreight service agency. Shanghai air freight company since its establishment, committed to provide efficient and quick for airfreight customers of Shanghai air freight service. Air transport company is committed to providing customers with high quality air cargo, aviation logistics and air Courier services! And provide the international air transport price query.
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