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Double clear concept of the tax package resolution and with DDP difference!

by:CNS     2020-04-21
Double clear concept of the tax package: double qing bag tax is in international shipping, international freight forwarding company for shipper quote a general price, this price includes the export customs declaration, destination countries import customs clearance and all costs such as tariffs, and the transportation need any customs clearance documents in the process of handling by forwarder company. This is double the tax package. Double clear tax package 'double' refers to the exporter to customs clearance, Customs clearance) And destination customs clearance; 'The tax package' is refers to the packet destination customs tariffs and other taxes. Double tax package the door also called double qing qing tax package to the door, which means Delivered Duty Pai DDP terms for short. What is the difference between double tax package and DDP? Most double clear tax package bag import duty tax package delivery to door service. No difference between this and DDP. The difference is that DDP is need is need to deliver goods. The consignee to provide import and export customs data and customs clearance by the forwarding company customs broker to do customs clearance agent. While the double tax package all the information is handled by the forwarder company. Forwarder company or trading companies to unified customs clearance. It can produce some of the joint and several responsibility and risk. Double clear bag tax application scenarios: double qing bag tax is aimed at some is temperamental predominance goods cannot be according to the normal clearance and import of special goods, or is temperamental predominance shut import more troublesome, or is unable to provide some documents such as permit. Double clear the dangers of the TAX package: 1, the customs clearance without consignee's own TAX/VAT/EORI number. ( 1) The seller does not have its own TAX/VAT/EORI and delivery to the warehouse or overseas FBA, cargo rights belong to the disclosing party of EORI, once this EORI associated goods is checked, the seller cannot claim goods; ( 2) Multiple clients share the same TAX/VAT/EORI ein clearance, who was found to borrow other TAX/VAT/EORI or TAX/VAT/EORI number is invalid, the goods may be unable to customs clearance. 2, use forwarder TAX/VAT/customs EORI number and no can import VAT deduction, sale of goods, if the national customs, local TAX department, sales is still need to pay VAT. 3, if the buyer require the seller to provide the VAT invoice, and the seller can't provide, buyer shall have the right to refuse to pay, or even to blackmail the seller. Example: the double qing tax package delivery consignor formal approach is applied to U. S. customs for a IOR, for a foreign enterprise EIN ( Ein) And in the name of the shipper to buy U. S. customs bond. IOR English full name is the Import of Record, called 'importer for the Record', by the customs to the United States to apply for the IOR can gain a EIN (foreign importers Ein) 。 If the importer is changeless, ein one-time to apply for permanent and effective, in the future no matter use what customs broker to deal with the United States imports. The Bond is popular for deposit. Traditional trade import chamber of commerce in buying bond, once the importer owed money to the us customs don't pay, the U. S. government can directly to the bond company for money, and then bond company for importers. Double clear bag tax risk: 1, the electric business platform products do not have any records of customs clearance and pay duties, once in the future by the U. S. government to track down, payment of duties is inevitable; 2, 'double' goods if with other 'double' LCL goods, the cabinet once customs inspection has a problem, other sellers will also be 'collective punishment'.
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